PAT Hole Punching

Introduction to the DAT Hole Punching

This part of the PAT is called the Hole Punching section containing 15 total questions in which you are provided with a square sticky note size paper that is folded three times. At a specific location, the paper is hole punched. The question asks you to mentally unfold the paper and determine where the holes would be present if it was unfolded back to the original square piece of paper. Below is a great example similar to what you will encounter on the PAT Hole Punching section of the DAT:

PAT hole punching

DAT test makers try to make questions harder than they need to be by adding full hole punch and half. It is unlikely every question you will encounter on the exam will have both. Looking at fold 1 you can see the solid lines within the paper showing you the paper folded while the half cut lines indicate the original unfolded piece of paper.

Remember the Following:

  1. The paper never goes beyond the original position or the dashed lines.
  2. We never mentally turn the piece of paper, It is locked in the position.
  3. Like for any question on the exam there is only one correct answer
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