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Daniel Huli

I started studying senior year and while being forced to take a gap year I came across PATCrusher. I started at a 16, barely getting through all the questions. I paid less than $10 and literally scored 4 points higher on the PAT Section.

Cynthia Torres

The best PAT course I've signed up for, I used it along with DAT Destroyer and that was a perfect combination. PATCrusher helped me score a 21 on the actual DAT. I was scoring 18 on the practice. 

Mustafa Syed

UTSA Pre-dental recommended I use this service and Im so glad they did. It was alot more affordable and even better than the other DAT Courses. I gained so much confidence using the difficulty changer on PATCrusher. 

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Practice hundreds of questions and change the difficulty starting with Easy, Trainee, and lastly crushing it with Elite.  

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