DAT Hole Punching: PAT Guide for 2022 [Updated]

The Perceptual Ability Test, or PAT, has over 90 questions to answer. In this particular introduction, we will be focusing on hole punching. This PAT section can be easily cruised through with the right preparation. The best type of preparation is one that involves a lot of practice. Since this is just a simple introduction to the PAT hole punching, you’ll likely want to look for more examples. This is why we recommend PATCrusher as it is, in our opinion, the best resource of quality solutions and examples for the DAT hole punching practice.

Let’s go ahead and tell you what this section is all about.

Introduction to Hole Punching.

For this section of problems, you will see a square piece of paper which is folded on itself a number of times. It can be folded from one to three times. Then, it’s time for hole punching for one or more holes at particular locations on the folded paper.

You will have to mentally unfold the piece of paper in an effort to present the exact location of the holes punched. The image below is an example problem like the one you can expect to find in the PAT.

hole punching
Hole Punching PATCrusher

Each hole punching question will have, visible lines and dashed ones. You can see this in the example from above. The solid lines indicate the fold location of the paper. The dashed lines show the original position of the paper before any foldings.

Rules for Hole Punching problems.

  1. You wont find a question where the paper is folded across the edges of the initial configuration.
  2. The paper may not be twisted or turned under any circumstance.
  3. For every hole punching problem, there's one and only one correct answer.


Remember that this is just an introduction to DAT hole punching. You can certainly get a lot more examples, solutions and strategies from PATCrusher. There is a lot of ways to visualize the solution for these problems, your main focus to master this section should be practicing. The more you do it the better you’ll score at the DAT.

Pay close attention to each figure and make sure to use every example that you come across to improve your understanding of how to solve hole punching problems. Remember, there are always more examples and tips waiting for you.

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