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Let us introduce the most petrifying section for the Perceptual Ability Test of the Dental Admission Test, or DAT, the Top-Front-End. They are the section section of the PAT. What you’re about to read below is only meant as an introduction to the TFE questions.

Feel completely free to check out PATCrusher for more information, strategies, and examples. In addition, you can get a free 7 day trial. Without more to add let’s begin with our introduction to the Top-Front-End for the PAT.

Introduction to Top-Front-End

For this section of the Perceptual Ability Test, PAT, you will be dealing with three different view points. The top, front, and end views of a particular object. There is no perspective given to any of these view points.

pat top front end
Top Front End Practice and TFE Generator

The point of vision shown on the surface is viewed along parallel lines of vision. The projection looking down on is usually shown in the upper left-hand corner, this is known as the top view. It is missing in this question as the part to be solved for..

The projection looking at the object from the front is shown in the lower left-hand corner. This is known as the front view. Finally, the projection looking at the object from the end is shown in the lower right-hand corner. This is known as the end view. Regardless of what anyone tells you, these views are always found in the same positions. In any case, they will also be labeled to let you know which are they. Check the image above as an example of this.

For the Top Front End section, you will be given two views with four choices to complete the set of projections. Your task is simply to select the correct answer. Meaning the image that better fits the other views shown. The image above provides an example of a question for the Top-Front-End section of problems of the PAT.

Recommended Study Schedule for PAT TFE.

This section is very challenging and it is advised that you do at least 20 questions everyday. Scheduling a full PAT exam every weekend would also be a smart plan as it helps with getting you into the mode of working faster when solving these PAT questions. Remember you have 60 minutes to solve 90 questions.


Hopefully, you can build upon your knowledge with strategies based on our brief introduction to the Top-Front-End of the PAT. Remember that this is just one example of many different problems that you may encounter during the PAT.

If you’re expecting to ace the Perceptual Ability Test without issues, you will need alot more practice. Practice that you can get at PATCrusher using the PAT Top Front End Generators (TFE Generator). Feel free to try out different strategies to solve all the types of questions you may encounter.

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