DAT PAT Pattern Folding Strategy Guide for 2022 [Updated]

January 15, 2021
Written by Rudy Gerrard

The Pattern folding on the Perceptual Ability Test is key for the best score performance. These type of questions usually are pretty straight forward and while they might seem intimidating at first, we will show you exactly why you should not fear them. In fact, the best thing that you can do is to practice and follow a good solving strategy.

Below you’ll find a brief introduction to pattern folding on the DAT.

Introduction to Pattern Folding

For this section of the Perceptual Ability Test, you will see a flat unfolded pattern. You are required to mentally manipulate it and fold it into a 3D figure. Your task is to find which of the answer choices given is the correct one for the particular figure. The image below presents an example of this.

Pattern folding
PAT Pattern Folding on PATCrusher

Remember that there will only be one correct answer to each question. In the example above the solid lines of the figure represent where it will be folded. Make sure to keep that in mind when selecting an answer choice.

The best way to solve these questions is to find a unique shape in the answer choices. Then see if it appears in the flat folded object. You can easily eliminate answer choices and be left with the correct option. It takes time to understand and get better at finding and picking the right shape to test with the question. Although, with practice as with every other section, pattern folding can become an easy section on test day.


Hopefully, you have noticed that pattern folding in the PAT is pretty straight forward and you know that you should focus your efforts on doing as much practice as you can. This can be accomplished with the help of a great service for preparation like PATCrusher. With it, you can get tips, strategies and examples for the pattern folding section of the Perceptual Ability Test in the DAT.

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