PAT Angle Ranking

Angle ranking is a simple test that is used on the Perceptual Ability Test. I’m sure that by now you’re pretty familiar with what an angle is and what it can represent. If that’s not the case don’t worry. All that you need to know to know about angles to ace this section is how far apart, or together, two lines are. Aside from that, you’ll also need to order the angles from smallest to largest.

Below there’s a brief introduction to the angle ranking section. Take full advantage of this guide and check out PATCrusher for more examples, solutions, and strategies about angle ranking.

Introduction to Angle Ranking.

In this section of the Perceptual Ability Test, you will see four interior angles. You can expect to find a problem like this one.

PATCrusher angle ranking practice question #1
PATCrusher Angle ranking Practice Question #1

This is a fairly easy section and you’ll most likely be able to master it really quickly, with the right preparation. Just in case you’re having problems or want to check the right answers for this example, let’s look at the image below.

angle ranking practice explanation #1
Angle ranking Practice Explanation #1

As you may see the correct answer is D. This means that the angles can be ranked as follows. 1<2<4<3. During a real test, you will be expected to mentally determine this. The example image above shows what the measurements of the angles would have been if a protractor was used. There are a lot of tricks and strategies that work wonders for this section of the PAT. For now, you can use this example of angle ranking as a guideline.


Remember that this example is just meant as a demonstration of what you can expect during the DAT. If you want to properly prepare for problems like the example above, you have to do a lot of practice questions. Learning a few great strategies will do wonders as well.

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