DAT Study Tips to Score a perfect 30

DAT study tips

Studying for an important exam is an intimidating process. The preparation process for the Dental Admission Test (DAT) is even more so. We usually have to learn a lot of things in a very limited amount of time. Accomplishing this can sometimes be very chaotic. So, to help you along, here are DAT study tips to score a perfect 30. Dont Forget to Sign up for DATPrep to get access to free Practice exams and help with studying for the DAT.

#1 Study like it's your full-time job

Your main and only focus should be your preparation for the DAT. Design your study schedule depending on how much time you have left till the actual exam and how late you started preparing. Generally, it is suggested that you should put in 40 hours of study time a week to prepare for it successfully.

But keep in mind not to overwork yourself. Consistency is key. Study every day to maintain a steady flow and to ensure that you do not forget whatever you have studied in the past.

Take occasional breaks so that you can feel rejuvenated. One day per week as a break is ideally suggested.

#2 Be wary of distractions

This may sound very obvious, but the biggest hurdle to your exam preparations is your notoriously short attention span. Therefore, be wary of potential distraction. Keep your phone locked away during your study sessions. Download apps such as Forest, Focus, etc. that help increase focus by locking away distracting sites on your phone. Study in a quiet secluded place away from the commotion of other people such as family, friends, neighbors, or roommates. You may give your family, friends, and roommates copies of your study schedule and ask them not to bother you within that time.

Studying can be a mentally taxing process, so as time goes by, these distractions become even more tempting as escape routes. The instant you lose focus due to one of these distractions, you also lose the time it takes to return to the level of concentration you just had.

Therefore, stay away from potential distractions and study with single-minded focus.

#3 Change study locations

Sitting at your desk for hours and staring at study materials can quickly become monotonous. So, change up your study location. Go to the library or find a quiet corner in a coffee shop. Many studies suggest that the change of location can amp up our productivity.

Moreover, you will not be alone in the actual exam hall, so studying in public places such as libraries and coffee shops will help you learn how to ignore others and continue your work unbothered.

#4 Sit for Mock exams

Go all the way with your prep. Try and recreate the exam conditions as closely as possible, sit for mock exams, and make sure to time yourself.

Giving practice tests in a library or a computer café is, therefore, a good idea. Turn off your music, television, and phone. However, the DAT is a very long exam, so keep that in mind if you do sit for a practice test in a public place. You should closely recreate exam conditions to give yourself enough time to adjust to them. Study at the same time of day as your official test, especially on the same day of the week. This will help you acclimatize to the idea of giving the test at that time of the day.

These were a few mentionable DAT study tips to score a perfect 30. However, remember that the most important thing is to practice because practice makes permanent.

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